A lawn dethatching is a corrective measure taken to bring an unhealthy lawn with an excessive thatch layer back into balance.  Thatch is the layer of built up plant material in a lawn found between the green grass tops and the roots. In a healthy lawn, this naturally developing layer should be 1/2 inch thick.  With the help of certain bacteria, the thatch slowly breaks down over time so the height stays constant. 

    A proper amount of thatch on a lawn helps to protect the grass roots from burning and allows the lawn to retain water.  Thatch is not caused by leaving grass clippings on your lawn.  Frequent cutting produces clippings small enough to decompose quickly adding nutrients to your lawn.  Often aeration is enough to sort out a slightly too thick thatch layer but when the layer gets to be more than 5/8” thick the lawn will really start to suffer and a detaching is probably necessary. 

    Dethatching is best done with a proper, power detaching rake.  It will create a large amount of waste as it pulls up the thick layer of thatch.  Your lawn will look thin and bare once the process is complete but don’t worry, this is a tough love application and the lawn will bounce back even better.  Total recommends a slow release fertilizer application, an over seeding application and proper watering practises following a detaching to help in the recovery process.  

    Professional lawn care can reduce the need to dethatch if at all!!  Contact Total today and we will point you in the right direction.