Fertilizing your lawn is like feeding it.  Like any other living thing it needs to be fed!  People often over look fertilizer applications or even worse they do them incorrectly.  It is such an important part of your lawn care.  The three main nutrients required by your lawn are nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), and potassium (K).  The nitrogen promotes the dark green colour, leaf and blade development, and density of the turf.  Phosphorous is important for good root and rhizome development and promotes plant maturity.  Potassium contributes to the general vigour of the plant and promotes wear and drought tolerance, and winter hardiness.                              

    The government of Ontario recommends a ratio of 4-1-2 for nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium in that order.  Maintaining this ratio is a general guide and it can be adjusted based on the different characteristics of your soil.  They also recommend 4 applications per year and so do we depending on weather and other factors specific to your lawn.                    

      Our fertilizer package includes four different fertilizer applications for the year.  The first is in the spring as your lawn is doing it’s most growing of the season.  The second is in early summer to help prepare your lawn for the hot summer months.  The third is in late summer or early fall as your lawn enters its second growing stage of the year, and the final application is in late fall to boost your lawns nitrogen and potassium levels to prepare it for the cold winter month’s ahead.  Make the small investment in feeding your lawn properly and save money in the end by strengthening your lawn.  With our professional fertilizer applications your lawn will be the thickest and best looking lawn on the street before you know it.