Lawn Cutting Service

    We know there is only one way to cut your lawn.  The right way.  In our climate there are drastically changing weather conditions throughout the seasons, we know how and when to cut your grass and that is how we do it.  

    A beautiful and healthy lawn should be trimmed to between 2.5-3 inches and should not be cut down by more than a third of its length, so, when its growing fast, we cut it more.  When it slows down, we cut it less.  We trim your lawn at the appropriate frequency and length to ensure a healthy and beautiful surface for you to enjoy.  Our package is the Total package, and it is done right every time. 

    The Total package includes weekly visit’s throughout for the duration of the season.  While we are there we clean up any garbage or debris on your lawn, we give the lawn an appropriate cut, trimming and edging of gardens and sidewalk edges is performed, and we remove all clippings from hards surfaces like walkways and driveways.  We use mulching mowers and grass clippings are only bagged and hauled away when they are too long and will smother the lawn.  Grass clippings are about 90% water by weight.  Because they are high in protein they should be left on the lawn to decompose and add nutrients to the soil.  Grass recycling also reduces waste and conserves landfill space.  For a beautiful and healthy lawn we highly recommend a fertilizer package as well. 

    Let us take on the task of cutting your grass and free up your valuable time for more important things.  Our professional service will undoubtedly enhance the curb appeal and overall enjoyment of your property.

    Some people are like us and enjoy cutting their lawn but for one reason or another they are unable to do so for periods of time.  Going on vacation?  Recovering from an injury?  Give Total a call and we can help you out.

    The cost is unique to the property, contact us for a free assessment and we would be happy to quickly deliver you a quote.