Over seeding can help keep a lawn looking green and lush all season long.  Put simply it involves adding a grass seed mix to your lawn which will thicken and strengthen your lawn.  When over seeding it is beneficial to add a mix of some different yet appropriate grass plants to add some diversification in your lawns monoculture.  Over seeding is labour intensive and must be done properly.  It must be done with a proper top dressing making sure the new seed has contact with the soil/compost mix but not covered or smothered by it.  

    Top dressing is simply adding a layer of a topsoil/compost mix to the top of your lawn.  This process is imperative to maintaining a healthy soil bed underneath your sod.  It adds organic matter to the soil which increases biodiversity and improves the soils air, water and nutrient holding capacity.  Top dressing also helps decompose your thatch layer promoting growth of the root structure of your grass plants.  The best time to top dress is right after an aeration.

    The magic trio is to properly aerate, top dress and over seed.  All three applications are a must for a stressed out or dying lawn but a healthy thriving lawn may only need aeration or top dressing every year.  All of these applications are best done in late spring or early fall.  Every lawn has it’s own needs and a Total professional will be able to guide you as to what your lawn needs.