Everyone has different goals and expectations for their lawns and don’t always care about the extra little things that you can do to really improve the overall health and look of your sod.  Aeration is a simple and cost effective task that only needs to be done once or twice per year and really does work wonders for your lawn.  Not to mention save money in the long run!  

    Over the years your lawn and the soil below it gets compacted and the pore space or air pockets in the soil disappear.  This makes it difficult for grass roots to absorb water and nutrients.  Before long the lawn will deteriorate and become more susceptible to weeds, insect attacks and diseases.  Aeration involves the removal of small cores of soil which are then deposited on the surface.  They will break apart and work their way into the lawn after a couple of cuts.  The small holes that remain help to break up compacted areas and allow water and air to penetrate to the root zone promoting a stronger and healthier lawn.  The cost of aeration is not very high and we consider it to be a great form of preventative maintenance and will definitely help you avoid the higher expenses of dealing with a sick, and weed or insect infested lawn.

    One aspect of aeration you should be aware of when choosing a contractor is the transmission of insects or disease.  When a contractor goes from lawn to lawn using an aerator that punctures the surface and contacts everyone’s soil it is easy to pass on any diseases or insects to your lawn.  This is very counterproductive!  Be sure that your contractor takes the appropriate steps to clean and disinfect their equipment after aerating known diseased areas.  Be weary of cheap imitations, stick to the professionals.  At Total we can guarantee that we take care of our equipment and our clients!