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hoto Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Spring Clean Up

     Our lawns in this area of the world go through a great deal of stress every year.  The fall and winter months often leave a lawn matted and compacted, which may promote pests and disease.                                                             Our spring treatment includes clean up and removal of all garbage and debris, a mild de-thatching or aeration of your lawn, a spring fertilizer application, turning and edging of gardens, cleaning and sweeping of all pathways and decks and your lawns first cut of the year.  This is the first and most important step in setting up your lawn for a healthy and beautiful growing season.                                                  Sign up for our weekly lawn cutting program and receive 25% off of a spring clean up!Contact Total today for a free quote.


hoto Credit:  Mitya Ku

Fall Clean Up

     Leaving your lawn in the right state to survive the winter months and thrive once again is very important and gives it the best chance for continued success.  Proper winter “storage” of your lawn protects the investment of time and money put into your property during the summer months.  The fall growing season is important to take advantage of after your lawn has endured a summer of high traffic and possibly drought.

     Our fall treatment includes clean up of all debris and fallen tree leaves.  We make three trips to your property from late October to late November to rake and bag leaves, removing them from the surface of your lawn.  We de-thatch and aerate your lawn, put down the fall fertilizer application and perform the lawns final cut of the year leaving it ready for the long winter months.